Things to know about Hamburg

Planning a trip to Hamburg? Excellent choice. IMGP21991

You might want to learn a few helpful facts to find your way around town. 


  • Don´t be afraid to ask! Residents in Hamburg are very friendly and open minded, they like to help you find your destinations on a map or give you directions. Most people speak English or they´ll do best they can to help anyways.


  • The native residents of hamburg might strike you as a little grumpy at first, but they´re not. They have a big heart and are eager to help.


  • Line up! Germans commonly appreciate a well organized waiting line.


  • Escalators. It´s common knowledge, that there is an unwritten law about how to use an escalator. People who want to walk upstairs use the left side and people who just want to stand and ride, they use the right side.


  • In Hamburg public bathrooms aren´t usually free of charge. You might have to pay a small fee of about 50 cents. Restaurants and shops only provide bathrooms for customers.


  • The displayed prices in restaurants and shops include all taxes. No fees will be charged for tablecloths and silverware, however tips for the waiters are of course very welcome. In Germany you commonly tip 10-15%.


  • The public transport system in Hamburg is excellent, it connects most parts of the city very well. You might want to get yourself a train map to find the train or bus that brings you to your destination. The underground train lines and the rapid train lines all are marked with unique colors.


  • Hamburg is a city by the water – not by the sea! The port is an inland port. The people of Hamburg are proud of their harbor and mostly they are offended if you mistake it as a sea harbor.


  • As Hamburg is a water town, the public harbor ferries are included in the public transport system. Ask about day tickets and other opportunities for the public transport around town.


Welcome to Hamburg!