Hamburg in ENGLISH

Hamburg in English


On your city trip to Hamburg you´ll find lots of sights and places which provide their services in English.


  • Most of the museums in Hamburg offer English audio guides for their exibitions.


  • The harbour boat companies offer English tours each day or they provide smartphone apps to download, which contain English audio data.


  • Restaurants might offer an English menu – ask the waiters, they´ll help you with it.


  • Our beautiful Town Hall offers English tours as well.


  • ATM machines and the ticket machines of the public transport company can be switched to English.


  • The “Savoy” movie theater offers current blockbuster movies in English. The “Cinemaxx” movie Theater at Dammtor offers one English movie every Sunday.


  • The English Theater near the underground train station Mundsburg is playing in English all season long.
  • Try our English walking tours through the harbor / HafenCity or the red light district! Every Saturday at 12 am (harbor) and 8 pm (red light district).

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