Don´t be afraid of the Red Light District!


Beatles-SquareHamburg, city of culture and ancient buildings. Visitors enjoy harbor boat trips on the river Elbe, walking tours through the historic Warehouse District and Hamburg Downtown.

Many people aren´t aware of the fact that Hamburg offers a most interesting sight, rich of history, fun and plenty to explore: The Red Light District.

This part of the city commonly scares visitors away because of it´s name. But in fact the historic St. Paul´s District (St. Pauli) offers an in view in the history of Hamburg like no other place.

The Red Light District is part of St. Paul´s as well as the popular party and gambling strip Reeperbahn and the very popular soccer club “FC St. Pauli”, the so called buccaneers of the league. But high end architecture and five star hotels are part of it as well.

St. PauDancing-Towersl´s always has been a unique place to be.

In the very early days of commercial shipping, bars and pubs opened in St. Paul´s because it was so close to the docks and warehouses. The seafarers disembarked and went to the bars – after they hadn´t touched soGroße Freiheitlid ground in months.

For many centuries the sailors and seafarers celebrated successful trips in the streets of St. Paul´s and of course they liked the lady’s. Thats why the girls of the night started to roam the streets too. Still nowadays we have a defined area within St. Paul´s where street prostitutes are lined up.

The bars and girls attracted other working class people and in the beginning of the 18th century the area developed to a amusement district. Still nowadays it is the city’s party, gambling and nightlife area. Every weekend 250.000 people visit St. Paul´s to celebrate in on of the round about 300 bars, clubs and pubs. If they can go anHerberstraßed enjoy a night in St. Paul´s, you can do it too.

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